Simple Travel Trailer Purchases

I lost count of the number of times we arrived at our destination and I said “you know what we need?”   So here are some simple travel trailer purchases that have worked for us and have helped make our trips a little easier.


Battery Operated Puck Lights – Closets and cupboards can be deep and dark. Attached to the inside wall or ceiling they help you find that missing sock or cutting board that has somehow wandered away from where you left it. These are also great if you are dry camping and want to try and save your trailer’s battery power. Just don’t shut the cupboard door and leave the light on! (I might have done this once or twice)


3M Hooks – These are great to use in the bathroom to hang towels to dry. Depending on the finish on the walls you may have trouble getting them to stick. We found ours stick well on the sides of the shelving unit in our bathroom.DSC_0061




Rubbermaid Table – Almost all campsites have a picnic table but it’s nice to have an extra space to keep items dry and off the ground. Also a great place to work if you do most of your cooking outside.


Dollar Store Baskets– We use these to help keep the boys clothes organized in the bunk room. Each boy has their own basket to hold items. Also great to use in the bathroom to keep items together and from falling off shelves when travelling down the road.DSC_0058




Thin Bath Towels– When we first started camping I packed some of our fluffy thick bath towels from home. Big mistake! With three boys swimming and generally getting dirty we use a lot of towel during a week of camping. Thick towels take longer to dry, and after several days they can start to smell less than fresh! If there are several days of rainy weather you quickly run out of room inside to try and dry everything. I went to Walmart and purchased thin inexpensive towels. They may not be as soft but an hour outside in the hot sun and they will be almost dry.


I am always on the look out for new ideas for the trailer so if you have any suggestions on what works in yours I would love to hear from you!

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