The Start of the Adventure

This was the start of the adventure for us. This is a picture of my then much younger boys outside the trailer before heading off on our first camping trip. They were so excited (and so were we!) to get in the truck and drive to Sibbald’s Point for our first night. Before we left we let them have a campout in the trailer as they couldn’t wait to try out their new bunks. We had so many great trips with our first trailer. The boys excitement at doing simple things like going to the beach and roasting marshmallows made the expense worth it.

Don’t always feel that you have to pack your vacations or weekend getaways full of expensive activities. A simple day at the beach playing in the water and giving them your undivided attention while making a sand castle means the world to them.  Taking the time to teach them how to fish, or camping with family and friends are moments they will remember. Some of my boys favourite memories are of the simplest things…going for ice cream, taking a canoe ride, jumping in the waves and playing games at night.

Chasing seagulls at Sibbald’s Point

Taking the time to get away with your kids is never time wasted. They grow up so fast and every year we know we have fewer years available to us to do things together. Don’t wait for someday, everyday is someday in the life of your family.

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