Dreaming of Tennessee


In my opinion one of the best parts of travelling is dreaming about where you want to go. The planning is sometimes as much fun as travelling due to the anticipation of all you will see and do once you get there.  After doing some research and drooling over pictures I would love to go to Tennessee.

To keep track of all the places I would like to someday travel to I have started a category called “Oh the Places We’ll Go!”   My list is so long I don’t know if I’ll ever get to all the places on it, but I’m sure I’ll have fun trying!

I find researching about new destinations something I do in the winter when I’m actually home on the weekends for a change! I first picked up some travel pamphlets about Tennessee at a rest station on the way to Florida in 2014. I’ve kept them in a drawer to remind myself to look up the information and make a plan for “someday”.

Tennessee is a place that I would love to try and take the boys to before they are grown. My oldest is heading into high school in the fall, so our years of being able to travel all together are getting shorter.  Tennesse looks like it has a great combination of history, mountain biking, scenery and family friendly activities that would appeal to my family of boys. There’s so much to see and do that the hard part will be deciding what we have to leave out.

Here is a list of attractions and places I’d love to explore in Tennessee. I’ve included links for all the places so you can look and plan your own trip. I also have a Tennessee Pinterest Board you can follow.  If you’ve travelled to any of these places I’d love to hear what you thought of your trip. I have also included a campground that looks fantastic. I’d love to hear from anyone who has stayed and Anchor Down and what they thought of it.  Let me know if there is a spot I need to add to my wish list!

Spots to visit in Tennessee

Tuckaleechee Caverns

Smoky Mountains

Lookout Mountain

Forbidden Caverns


Fall Creek Falls State Park

Pigeon Forge


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