Toronto RV show

I look forward to this every year! It’s our annual trip to the Toronto RV show at the International Centre.

My husband and I enjoy going to the Toronto RV show to check out all the different types of models that are new on the market. We’re not planning to purchase a new trailer for years yet, but we enjoy seeing the different designs and latest upgrades. I’m always amazed at how many different ways a space can be designed and configured. There is something at the Toronto RV show for everyone and every budget. Just for fun I like to go into the huge motor homes and dream what it would be like to take one on the road for months at a time.
We plan to keep out current trailer for at least another 5 years but our next trailer will be very different. Right now we have a 32 foot Sunset trail with a bunk room. At this point in life it’s about fitting growing boys and a dog inside.  I love having the extra 6 feet for the boys to have their own space. However next time it will be about just the two of us.

The biggest change we are planning for our next purchase is to have a fifth wheel instead of a trailer. We like to keep an eye out for the style that appeals to us. When the time comes we hope to find a used trailer in good condition. Several features that I want to have in our next trailer are: more storage space, more casual seating and larger kitchen prep space.

I took several pictures of models that I’d like to keep my eye on in the future. They’re not the greatest pictures as I took them with my phone. It does give you an idea of what I’m dreaming about though!

I liked this model as it has a couch and two chairs plus counter space.
A Durango 2500 315RKD. I love the models that have the living space up top. This doesn’t seem to be as popular a style as it was last year at the show.
This is nicer than my kitchen at home!

The luxury of looking and dreaming is that you can be quite picky. For example I know in my next trailer I want more storage space in the bathroom and kitchen. Another important feature for me is being able to open the fridge if the slide out is in. Often we shop on the way to our destination and getting the groceries put away quickly is handy. My husband and I hope to travel for several weeks at a time in the future, which mean a comfortable spot and relax inside if the weather turns cold and wet.

Dont’ worry if you miss the show, there’s always the Toronto Spring Camping RV show in March! Maybe we’ll see you there!


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