Grundy Provincial Park Campground Review

Our last big trip for the summer with the boys took us north. Our first stop was a three day stay at Grundy Provincial Park. This was a return stay for my husband and boys but my first trip. Last year they had a boys only weekend and had a great time so they looked forward to a trip with mom in tow this year.

View from the cliffs

We have discovered this summer that as the boys are getting older Provincial Parks have a little more to offer them in terms of activities. Grundy offers beaches, cliff jumping, beautiful lakes for swimming, fishing and paddling. The weather the day of our arrival was fantastic for swimming and cliff jumping as it was hot and sunny. We surprised the boys by purchasing two kayaks before we left so they were eager to take them out on the water and go exploring. Arriving on a Monday I was surprised at how busy the park was.  We chose to arrive during the week to avoid the weekend rush but we had no such luck this time.

Ready to Jump!

Climbing to the top


This was my first trip to Grundy Provincial Park and I can see why it is such a popular park to visit. Our campsite in the Trailer Campground was near the water so it was a quick walk to the lake for the boys to go off fishing or to take the kayaks out.  The cliffs are a great place to have fun and see how much of a daredevil you can be jumping into the water below. Last year when my husband was there he and the boys were the only ones jumping at the cliffs. However this year they were packed with people of all ages jumping into the water.

One, two, three, jump!

Take a Hike!

I was very impressed with the beautiful walking trails. My husband and I hiked two different trails while staying at Grundy and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery. As someone who is  “directionally challenged”  I loved the simple trail markers, spray painted arrows! It’s hard to get lost when an arrow is pointing the way.  Our first evening hike we spotted a deer near the edge of the swamp, but of course I forgot my camera! Bears are also active in the park so make sure you are aware of your surroundings and keep food packed away. We heard one camper yelling to scare a bear away from his site while out for an evening walk.




I would be happy to go back to Grundy Provincial Park again.  We’ve had such amazing weather for camping this summer as it has been so dry.  It had to come to an end at some point though. Two out of our three days was overcast with rain. It was much needed rain, but it did put a damper on swimming. Both nights it cleared long enough to get the dog out for a hike but we needed to find things to keep ourselves entertained during the downpours. More on that in my next post!

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