Camping at the Elora Gorge


This was supposed to be a campground review of the Elora Gorge Conservation Campground…but I had a bit of hiccup. I don’t know where the photos are!  I downloaded all my photos from my camera but somehow I seem to be missing some. If you know me, you know that this is not an entirely unusual event. Electronics and I have a love hate relationship.  My husband can attest to this. He’s the one stuck trying to figure out how I managed to yet again change the settings on my laptop, or try to recover items I accidently delete.

I do have photos of what we did while we camped in Elora so its not a total wash. Our main reason for heading to Elora was so we could tube down the river at the Elora Gorge with the boys. When we arrived on Sunday afternoon the campground was packed and the parking lot by the tubing registration building was overflowing. They actually had a sign up stating that tubing was sold out. I was a little worried that the campground would stay that busy , but by Sunday evening many sites were packed up and empty. By Monday morning the campground was almost deserted.

The campground sites were clean and many had large trees that provided shade.  However the campsites are very open so there is not much privacy from your neighbours. We were close enough to the river that the boys could walk from our campsite and go fishing.

The conservation area  has a nice splash pad for children that are too young to travel the tube run. There are also some nice hiking trails that follow the gorge. The Elora Quarry is a short drive if you want to head to a sandy beach for the afternoon. We took the boys to check it out but if wanting a spot to keep an eye on  small kids by the water edge I would recommend getting there early in the day. Even in the middle of the week it was very busy. As we were camping at Elora Gorge we showed our pass from check in and the fee to enter was waved.

Elora Gorge River Run

Registering for our tubing equipment was quick and easy.  Speaking with the staff they say it’s usually much quieter during the week that on weekend but it can get busy on a hot summer afternoon. For information on costs and hours of operation for tubing click here. It was about a 10 minute walk from where we parked to the start of the tube run.


The weather was extremely hot so the river  water felt great. It takes about an hour to tube from the river’s starting point to the end. Which means you if you want you can make multiple trips during the day.  A school bus comes along regularly to pick up anyone who would like a ride back up to the starting point.  My older boys travelled the river twice while my youngest thought once was more than enough! He tends to take after his mother in the adventure category!

The largest rapids were at the beginning of the river run. The river depth when I was there only came up to below my waist in most spots (and I’m extremely short). However the river depth and conditions depend on recent rainfall. Take shoes as the river bottom is quite rocky and at points in the run you may need to get out of your tube and walk it back into the current.

Overhead view from the bridge.
DSC_0053 (1)
End of the line

We enjoyed our three day stay but don’t think we’ll be back to this area. We did everything that was of interest to the boys and for the cost of tubing we could go to a water park…but more on that later! Downtown Elora has some nice shops to explore but I wouldn’t recommend bringing along three boys who have no interest in shopping. Lunch and ice cream as a bribery tool only work for so long!

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