Flowerpot Island

Flowerpot Island

A Favourite spot

My boys still rank our trip to Tobermory and Flowerpot Island in 2012 as one of their favourite spots.  Look closely at the bottom of the photo. My oldest son is standing next one of  the Flowerpots the island is named for.

The weather was beautiful the day of our trip. Before heading to the island the glass bottom boat took us to view the sunken ships near the harbour.  Our tour guide said the water was the clearest she had ever seen it, we had a great view of the ships below.



It was relaxing and interesting day trip for both the boys and my husband and I. Over the years I have learned to pick a destination and not over plan our day. This way everyone ends up having a better time. We had a lot of fun exploring the island and enjoyed a picnic lunch not far from the flowerpot pictured above. The boys found snakes to look at, a cave to check out, the lighthouse keepers home and enjoyed the hiking trail around the island.


We also learned about a volunteer program called Friends of Fathom Five.  Volunteers stay on the Lightstation grounds during the summer months to keep them maintained and give tours of the original light keeper’s home.  The volunteers are friendly and share information on what life was like when the original light keeper lived on the island.

If wanting more information on taking your own trip to Tobermory and specifically a trip to Flowerpot Island click here. For the really adventurous there are also 6 campsites near Beachy Cove that can be reserved. The link provided  has information on contacting Parks Canada if this is something that would interest you.


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