End of Season Blues

My front door after clearing out the trailer. This is not the fun part of camping!

Well we’ve scrubbed, cleaned, emptied and winterized our cottage on wheels for another season. The trailer has been tucked into storage for  a long winter nap waiting to return next spring.  The end of the camping season always gets me down a little. Our family adventures are winding down for the year.  It’s back to running the kids around all weekend and doing laundry on Sunday nights and wondering where your weekend disappeared to!

What’s Ahead 

So what does that mean for the blog? It means I won’t be posting quite as often but I won’t disappear completely. I have one last campground review to post for the season along with some boredom busters ideas for kids.  Winter is the time for planning, experimenting and dreaming. Planning next summers adventures, experimenting with new recipes and gadgets to take along next year, and dreaming of my next getaway without kids! In the next several weeks I’ll be posting about some Christmas gift ideas for the campers in your life. I’ll also have my first guest post (get going on it Mom!) about a fantastic campground in Tennessee that’s on my personal wish list to visit.

I’d love to hear from people about places to visit and if anyone has suggestions on items or attractions that were a big hit with their families let me know!

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