Earl Rowe Provincial Park

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Earl Rowe Provincial Park was our first stop on our most recent camping trip. We met up with several other families to spend the weekend together.  Earl Rowe is a fun place to get together with friends for the weekend as it’s close enough that you can travel and be set up on a Friday evening before the sun has set.

I prefer to camp in the Riverside Campground in the Heydon Way section. Riverside is across the road from the main campground.  The sites in Riverside are large, which makes it easy to park and set up your trailer but still have plenty of room around your campfire.  We usually try and book campsites from 130-135.  A walkway connects the two campgrounds so you can easily get to the pool and the beach.

My boys spent a lot of time trying their luck fishing in the river or at the lake. The weather was on the cool side for the majority of Friday and Saturday morning so the kids didn’t feel like going to the pool or beach.  Which means I didn’t get any pictures of the pool.  Depending on the time of year the beach can be closed due to the quality of the water (Canada geese love the beach!)  so it’s nice to have the option of going to the pool. The pool is a large one acre pool, its not very deep so there is no diving but they do have lifeguards on duty.

Hoping to catch the big one!
Hoping to catch the big one!


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View of the beach from the bridge

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Who needs to go to the pool when you have water guns!
Who needs to go to the pool when you have water guns!

Hitting the Trails

On this trip I decided to take a tour of one of the park trails. My youngest and I decided on the Lookout Trail, which is a 4km loop. The weather turned hot on Sunday, so reaching the top was great as the breeze helped cool us off.

Almost at the top of the Lookout Trail



My walking buddies

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Earl Rowe is a great place for those looking for a quick get away for the weekend or if you are new to camping. It’s close to the GTA so you can enjoy the area as a day trip if just wanting to picnic and swim for the day.  The park is popular with families for day trips so the beach and picnic areas can be busy on a sunny afternoon. Earl Rowe is also close to the town of Alliston so if you forgot something at home it a short trip to the store. I personally don’t think I would want to stay longer than two or three days as you can run out of things to do, especially if you have kids to keep entertained. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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