Spring in Arrowhead Provincial Park

Arrowhead Provincial Park May 2013

      Arrowhead Provincial Park May 2013

Most people think of camping as a summertime activity and with good reason, long days, warm nights and fun on the water . However, some of my favourite times to camp are the off-peak times. Parks and campgrounds are quiet, it’s too cold for the dreaded mosquito to swarm and bite, and nothing beats an evening campfire under the stars with the fire keeping you warm.

The above picture was taken after my husband had participated in the Lake of Bays race in Huntsville. We decided to keep the boys out of school for an extra day and have a long weekend.  The Sunday was cold, wet and miserable, but by Monday the weather had warmed and the sun returned making it a great day for a spring hike. I was always amazed at  the simple things that made the boys the happiest, skipping a day of school certainly helped, but learning how to skip stones, climbing rocks and exploring along the riverbank made it a great day for them.

Camping for us means making the time to slow down and actually enjoy the simple things, and I’m amazed at how many of my boys favourite memories are of past camping trips.  This past winter we took the boys on a cruise and while we had a great time as a family my oldest told me “this is fun, but I think I like camping just as much”. Words to warm my heart…and my bank account!

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